Urban Beat- Melody for Urban Life

Developing countries across the world are becoming urbanized following the continuous process of urbanization and at the same time facing the complex environmental challenges of urban areas. There are numbers of factors contributing to the complex environment of urban areas eventually affecting the health and wellbeing of urban population and individual as well. Despite of the challenges urban population are facing and dealing with in their everyday life they opt for different options as way out to their complexities.

Music has become an important part of our life irrespective of our culture, socio economic level and religion. Music, now a days, being considered as a healing tool in reducing stress and anxiety, depression, helplessness and low self-esteem, and even in enhancing immune functioning. International Conference on Urban Health 2015 with its Urban Beat-Melody for Urban Life is providing an opportunity to the music lover to use music as a transformer and metaphor to create a new sense of order and harmony in life eventually to make a significant contribution to the quality of life.


Who can apply?

The organizers of 12th International Conference on Urban Health is organizing a festival of new music titled “Urban Beat-Melody for Urban life”. The organizers are inviting music composers and artists to submit musical scores being inspired by city life.

We are inviting composers and artists to submit single screen video and sound installations.To submit a piece for the competition, please upload your submission to a web based dropbox-like facility, from where we can download it. Where possible include both a high quality version and a lower bandwidth version suitable for viewing online.

Submission should be no longer than 10 minutes. They should be in the form of a single video file and also include a text file with a commentary or programme note for the piece.

All candidates that have been shortlisted, will be informed in due time.

Running Time

Maximum 8 minutes


The musical score must be submitted in .mpeg4, .mpeg2, .avi, .mov, or .wlv format.