Photo Story Competition

The Photo Story Competition provides an opportunity for all to develop, explore and narrate the thematic focus in a deeper, more comprehensive manner by using a series of digital images or a layout of prints. Photo Story makers can develop different strategies based on the format selected.

  • A Photo Story can use a series of images, with optional text or narration, and/or music to communicate or tell a single story.
  • Photo Stories may include music and/or narration but may not be longer than five (5) minutes. The maker’s name must not appear within the Digital Photo Story, but should be labeled on the submitted disc.
  • Photo presentations should tell a story and showcase your work based on the theme of the conference “Urban Health for Sustainable Future: Post 2015 Agenda”. Photos should provide information on organization, persons involved, background to the problem, purpose of the work, how the project is being/will be implemented and what it has achieved/will achieve
  • This is an excellent opportunity to present your work to a wide, interested and experienced audience. On being selected you can present your Photo Story at the conference.


Photo Story files can be PowerPoint or pdf and should include 5-10 photographs, and be designed either as a stand-alone presentation, or be accompanied by a voice-over. Files should no larger than 5MB.


However, if accepted, you will have the opportunity to refine it further for better resolution.

Last date of submission: 15 November 2014.