Media for Urban Health

In the busy urban life people get very little time to relate with different incidents and events taking place across the world, there media help in getting aware of those issues. In order to explore new knowledge media can be considered an effective source for it. Both print and electronic media from their end make the most possible effort to find out the facts behind an incident. Media’s role in promoting an issue may be ignored for a long time or a vibrant one is really praised worthy.

The International Conference on Urban Health of the year 2015 is providing an opportunity to the electronic and print media to come up with their contribution in the field of urban development by taking part in the competition of Media for Urban Health. In this competition they can present any of their research work, documentary, interviews, report, photograph etc. relevant with the theme of the conference “Urban health for sustainable future: Post 2015 development agenda”.



Examples of new media activities include but are not limited to: documentaries, talk-shows, journalist investigations issues that are up-to-date and matter to citizens for the development of a healthy city. The pieces should demonstrate that the author(s) understand the issues of post 2015 development agenda as well as the potential urban health for a sustainable future. The main selection criteria for the pieces are:

  1. Originality and quality of analysis;
  2. Creativity;
  3. Relevance and responsiveness to development challenges;
  4. Quality of language (engaging writing style, good spelling and grammar, etc.);
  5. Presence of bibliography and/or other relevant references;
  6. Respect of the prescribed format of the text:
    1. Number of words- print: between 1,200 and 1,500.
    2. Audiovisual piece should not exceed 5 minutes.
    3. Font : Arial;
    4. Size of characters : 11
    5. Line spacing: 1.5

NB: Marks are also to be awarded to journalist/media specialists whose pieces have been published or broadcasted in national, regional or international news outlets before 1 December 2014. The date of publication must be included on the submission as only original pieces that have been prepared after the announcement of this call are to be considered.


The competition is open to all media and communication professionals (either print or electronic), from established media houses, private and public sector organizations (e.g government ministries) and non governmental organizations. Entries should be original pieces. The piece is restricted to the country in which the journalist/media specialist operates.


Applicants can submit their print assignment in word or PDF format and the electronic assignment can be submitted in .mpeg4, .mpeg2, .avi, .mov, or .wlv format.