Hosts Speech

Mr. Monzur HossainMr. Monzur Hossain

Greetings to the urban health global network!  It is my pleasure to extend invitation to the International Conference on Urban Health 2015 to take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 9-12, 2015.  I am honored to kindly participate as the chairman of the organizing committee.   I anticipate a very insightful, profound, and productive conference and expect quality discussion and presentation from urban health professionals, students, researchers, and supports from all over the globe.

The response we have received thus far is a great indication for the success of this event.  Hosting the event in Bangladesh is a great opportunity to share some of the urban health related development challenges of South Asia and of developing countries.  This is an imperative time for establishing urban health in the sustainable development agenda as we move into the post-2015 era.  Recognizing the intrinsic link between health, wellbeing, and design will surely pave the way for a sustainable future.

I wish all the conference participants the richest experience and utmost enjoyment in Bangladesh.


Best regards,


Mr. Monzur Hossain
Senior Secretary
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Cooperative

NeazuddinMr. M M Neazuddin

Assalam U Alay Kum. A very warm greetings from Bangladesh. I am very delighted that the next International Conference on Urban Health is going to be held in Bangladesh in 2015. Now, public health, and in particular urban health, has become a matter of great concern.  Urban health is a critical issue as it addresses so many socio-economic factors related to health service delivery and health justice such as equity in terms of accessing quality care and resource distribution among private and public facilities.

In terms of equitable access to health care, the health system of Bangladesh is pushing to make its mark as a model of admirable values for the rest of the world. Our government is very cognizant and proactive to ensure the unmet health needs. In achieving the Millennium Development Goals much effort has been made globally and indeed much progress has been achieved.  Bangladesh is also playing a lead role in the negotiations for the post-2015 development agenda.

In the conference on urban health in 2015 let us all come together in Bangladesh, with a common motto and shared vision to address the post-2015 development agenda.  We eagerly look forward to a sustainable future for health.  My best wishes and warmest welcome to you all to Bangladesh for International Conference on Urban Health in 2015.

Best regards,


Mr. M M Neazuddin
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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