Indoor Air Quality Testing Kits

Indoor air quality testing is important because many individuals live in small spaces with poor indoor air quality and do not even realize it. It’s so commonplace to just assume that the air circulating inside the home or office is clean and safe. However, in reality, offices, homes, and businesses alike can contain a host of indoor air contaminants. Many of which are dangerous to the health of those that spend their day inside.

One type of indoor air contaminant that many persons do not consider when they need to become more aware of their indoor air quality is asthma. Asthma is a condition that causes an asthmatic attack to develop. The symptoms of asthma include coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. The irritants that cause these effects can be anything from a change in the weather to a certain type of pollen. If an asthmatic individual has an attack, it can cause an intense and long-lasting irritation that can last for hours or days.

A second common type of indoor air pollution that should be tested for air particulates. Particles in outdoor air pollution can cause people to suffer from irritation as well. These particles are very fine and can enter the respiratory system and get caught in small crevices where they can remain undigested for days or weeks. This chronic irritation and discomfort can lead to a number of different health conditions including asthma and other lung disorders.

Many people fail to realize that they are exposed to indoor air pollution at work. When working in a sealed enclosed area, a worker may not be aware that he or she is exposed to potentially dangerous levels of mold and mildew. In a matter of seconds, a worker can develop serious problems. Many businesses have strict guidelines for their employees regarding the health and safety of those who work in the building.

One of the most common gases emitted by a typical household is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas that remains in the atmosphere. However, prolonged exposure to high levels of this gas can lead to serious health issues. Carbon dioxide is one of the leading contributors to indoor air quality testing. It is the second leading contributor to volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are widely recognized as some of the most harmful environmental contaminants.

Other common gases emitted by a typical household include sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both of these are easily detectable and may be the cause of annoying symptoms for some individuals. Many individuals who suffer from these symptoms can take advantage of the common indoor air quality testing kits that are available to take home and use in their homes.

Short-Term Test Kits Indoor air quality testing kits are available for the protection of those who suffer from short-term or chronic lung cancer. Indoor air quality testing is especially important in homes where more than one individual will use a common air conditioning system. In order for a test to be conclusive, both individuals must submit to a test. A short-term test can identify harmful chemicals while a long-term test can identify common contaminants that can pose a health risk. This type of kit is especially important if a person has a family member with lung cancer.

The dangers of indoor air quality issues are compounded when there is no effective way to remove pollutants from the air. Homes that have windows and doors that are open all the time are the number one place where many families are exposed to poor air quality. If these windows and doors are left open even for a moment, this can release pollutants into the air that can remain in the home for days or even weeks. These pollutants may not pose a health risk at the moment, but there is a good chance that they could over time.