The conference abstracts and posters from the web-based planning and management system will be made available on CD-ROM or USB

The abstract and poster CD-ROM (or USB stick) are digital records of all abstracts or posters accepted for the congress and an invaluable source of information for delegates and sponsors for documentation retention and web back-up.

Features of the gDISC abstract and poster CDs include:

Windows® and MacIntosh® platform support

Abstracts in PDF format (zoom in and out, print, export)

Full text search within abstract text and title

Author index

Index of categories and/or sessions

Advanced searches (combination of above)

User interface in English and German (more languages soon)

Provision of the abstract database in the internet (optional)

Add a poster or full paper to each of the abstracts on the CD-ROM or USB, even after the CD-ROM or USB stick has been produced (optional)