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gABSTRACT is a leading abstract management system, used by the largest conferences in the world. It supports the complete life cycle of scientific abstracts– from submission through the abstract reviewing process, to selection by the committee and the preparation for publication.

The complete abstract submission and management process is done on-line, from anywhere in the world with internet access. The gABSTRACT system easily handles special characters, complex tables, and graphics and supports a variety of web browsers.

For the abstract reviewing process, gABSTRACT offers flexible scoring metrics and valuable live statistics to monitor the rating process and to enable tight control of schedules and deadlines.

The complete abstract handling service is highly customizable and included in a fee per abstract to avoid hidden costs and increased customer satisfaction. During the service, the following documents can be generated:

Extensive online reports and statistics, as well as export capability (MS Excel document) for all relevant information and statistics to be used by authorized congress committee members.

After completion of the web-based collection and management service, Guava provides the client with a customized, high-quality, ready-to-print MS Word document for production of an abstract book