Dhiraj Kumar Nath

dharaj_KumarAs the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, I take the privilege to welcome you to this epoch-making conference on Urban Health, taking place for the first time in Asia. Through this conference we would like to engage you in an open and constructive dialogue to address the urgency of viewing urban health as a national and global issue.

 As you know ,  social and environmental landscape are changing in every continent due to rapid urbanization  and unplanned and unsustainable pattern of urban development  creating health hazards for  growing  cities and for city dwellers as well  with serious impact on people’s living status and environmental health.

As the reality of urbanization cannot  be over-sighted and  its impacts on overall advancement of  cities with positive and negative consequences cannot be overlooked as well , the  International Conference on Urban  Health will dwell on issues to make urban localities  livable overcoming  all  constraints. Furthermore one of the central tenets of this conference is to encourage advocacy for urban health and to integrate it with sustainable development goals.

 This International Conference on Urban Health 2015 is a platform with opportunity to address the challenges urban people are facing and also to encourage advocacy for ensuring over all well-being and equity backed by strong commitments  while formulating any policy or strategy.

 We are happy to have you among us to contribute significantly for the welfare of the urban population and the future generations to come.  We believe you will enjoy the successful events of IUCH with your active participation and meaningful contributions.

 Welcome you again to Dhaka, the capital of a leading promising nation in Asia and accept our humble and sincere hospitality.


Best regards,

Dhiraj Kumar Nath
Chair of Organizing Committee