Day Three Breakout Session Presentation

26 May 2015 || Tuesday || 0900 – 1030

(Breakout Sessions)

Breakout Session: Sixteen

Room: Carnival

Session Title Reproductive Health and Family Planning: Provider Training and Counseling Panel One
Session Theme Reproductive Health and Family Planning
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Adetoke Akinbam Nigeria Improving Access to Family Planning Services in Poor Urban Settings: The Role of Private Non-Clinical Providers – Adetoke Akinbami
2 Ajay Gupta International Institute for Population Sciences, India A Systematic Analysis of DHS Data Provides Level Trends and Socioeconomic As Well As Demographic Determinants of Caesarean Section Delivery in India And Its Most Backward States
3 Lauren Blum Measure Evaluation, United States Qualitative Examination of Antenatal and Delivery Care In Urban Slums, Bangladesh
4 Foluso Ishola Japanese International Cooperation Agency, Nigeria Disrespect and Abuse of Women at Childbirth as a Barrier to the Utilization of Skilled Delivery Services in Nigeria: A Systematic Review of the Literature
5 Diwakar Yadav Population Services International, India Impact Assessment of Family Planning Advice on Unmet Need and Contraceptive Use Among Currently Married Women In Uttar Pradesh, India

Breakout Session: Seventeen

Room: Windy Town

Session Title Reproductive Health And Family Planning: Provider Training And Counseling Panel Two
Session Theme Reproductive Health and Family Planning
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Ali Arazeem Abdullahi University of Ilorin, Nigeria- Socio Cognitive Correlates and Contraceptives Discontinuation In Benue State, Nigeria
2 Shamsun Nahar BRAC, Bangladesh Socio-Epidemiology of Caesarean Section Operation Cases: A Multi-Centered Hospital Based Cross-Sectional Study In A Suburb Area Within The Proximity of Dhaka Metropolitan City, Bangladesh
3 Ramesh Chellan UNICEF-PHDMA, India Determinants of Infertility and Treatment-Seeking Behaviour in India
4 Burama Badjie Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Gambia Partograph Use Among Midwives in The Gambia
5 Richard Mogeni Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya Uptake of Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Implant in Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret, Kenya<

Breakout Session: Eighteen

Room: Executive Lounge

Session Title Public-Private Partnerships for Universal Health Coverage
Session Theme Urban Health Care and Public Health Service Provision
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Alayne Adams ICDDR,B, Bangladesh Engaging private sector providers around universal health coverage in urban areas: a qualitative study in three cities in Bangladesh
2 Pauline Bakibinga African Population and Health Research Center, Kenya Increasing Utilization of Health Facilities for Maternity Services in Urban Informal Settlements through Strengthened Public-Private Partnership
3 Israt Nayer NGO Health Service Delivery Project, Bangladesh Increasing Essential Newborn Care Services through the Smiling Sun Network of Community Service Providers
4 John Otsola IntraHealth/MLE, Kenya Private Sector Distribution of Family Planning: The Role of Drug Shops in Urban Kenya and Nigeria
5 Rajni Wadhwa FHI360-Urban Health Initiative, India Increase in Family Planning (FP) Services through Private Sector Partnership in Urban Areas

Breakout Session: Nineteen

Room: Celebrity

Session Title Metrics for Programme Monitoring & Evaluation
Session Theme Measuring and Mapping
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Rocco Panciera ICDDR,B, Bangladesh The impact of travel time on Emergency Obstetric Care access among the urban poor: A GIS study in Bangladesh
2 Mohammad Golam Kibria Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Bangladesh Use of a Web-enabled Logistics Information System that Visualizes Data from Reproductive Health Service Delivery Points in Bangladesh: Initial Experience and Opportunities for Improved Decision-Making
3 Ruman M Zakaria Salam ICDDR,B, Bangladesh Inefficiency of healthcare referral patterns in Bangladesh urban areas: a GIS study
4 Anuja Jayaraman Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action (SNEHA), India Use of Mobile Technology for Improving Screening Accuracy of Acute Malnutrition in a Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition Program in Mumbai informal settlements
5 Brian Chin Asian Development Bank, Philippines Measuring the Impact of the Second Urban Primary Health Care Project in Bangladesh

Breakout Session: Twenty

Room: Windy Town

Session Title Child and Adolescent Health Risks and Susceptibility
Session Theme Social and Economic Determinants of Urban Health Disparities
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Shabnam Verma Urban Health Resource Centre, India Migrant adolescent girls in urban slums of India
2 Alexandra Restrepo University of Antioquia, Colombia Individual factors, relation factors and service use related with resilience among youth 13 to 19 years old in urban area of Medellin, 2012
3 Shafquat Rozi Aga Khan University, Pakistan Peer pressure and family smoking habits influence smoking uptake in male adolescents attending public and private schools in Karachi, Pakistan: multilevel modeling of survey data
4 Hina Aziz Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan Impact of environmental determinants on obesity among urban poor children in a megacity of Pakistan
5 Sigma Ainul Population Council, Bangladesh Reviewing programs and interventions addressing sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls and young women in urban Bangladesh

Breakout Session: Twenty One

Room: Harmony

Session Title Reproductive Health and Family Planning: Addressing Needs and Improving Responsiveness in Health Services
Session Theme Reproductive Health and Family Planning
Serial Speakers Name Organization/Institute Abstract Title
1 Taiwo Adesoba Youth Society on Cancer, Nigeria Institutional Strengthening of Maternity Centers for Improved Cervical Cancer Response in Nigeria Slums
2 Mizanur Rahman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bangladesh Women In the Slums Have Performed Well In Reproductive Health But Unmet Needs Remain: Findings From the 2013 Urban Health Survey in Bangladesh
3 Kanta Jamil USAID, Bangladesh Influence of Community Health Workers on Health Behavior of Urban Poor
4 Sadid Nuremowla Marie Stopes Bangladesh Setting-up A Call Center for Addressing The Need of Women Using Pills for Menstrual Regulation Via Pharmacies: A Harm Reduction Approach
5 Nadia Diamond-Smith University of California, San Francisco, United States Global Trends and Patterns in Internal Migration and Family Planning, Maternal and Neonatal Health