Conference Events and Activities



Integrating the promotion of walking and cycling into daily life is a promising way to increase physical activity across a population. Exercise improves health and non-motorized vehicular transport reduces traffic and air pollution.  So, to promote the health benefits of physical activity, ICUH 2015 conference organizers will organize two pre-conference events the Dhaka Cycling Campaign and Dhaka Marathon.

Dhaka Cycling Campaign

The campaign envisions transforming our city into a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live, where cycling is a choice for any citizens who wants to ride the streets conveniently and without fear. The campaign will raise awareness for healthy and sound urban lifestyles focusing on the importance of physical activity for reducing lifestyle induced health hazards.

Dhaka Cycling welcomes all to join in to promote urban health in a fun and active way during ICUH 2015 in Dhaka.

Dhaka Marathon- Move for Healthy Dhaka 

The Dhaka Marathon will celebrate what make the city so unique beyond its shortfall. It will be an event to promote the awareness on living a healthy lifestyle enhancing health and fitness for all. Move for Healthy Dhaka will respond to the community needs on creating a healthy, active city by enhancing physical activity in the urban environment. The Dhaka Marathon will be a once a year event launched during ICUH 2015.

Dhaka Marathon-Move for Healthy Dhaka invites all to get their passion On for a healthy city.


Rock music is entertaining; but it also sends a deep message for social change and motivation to the youths.  Engaging popular culture with social development is a key strategy for raising awareness and promoting change.  Mainstreaming cross-cutting social issues through music makes solutions and understanding of the complexities much more attainable.

Therefore, based on that popularity and huge acceptance as a tool of city life entertainment, ICUH 2015 is going to arrange a rock music concert as a pre conference event to entertain and mobilize youths for recognizing urban health issues and promoting improved urban health in the post 2015 agenda.


ICUH 2015 will exhibit an Urban fair in the conference premises at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center from 9-12 March 2015. People will be made aware of various programs in the fair. The fair will display the urban life in a rural context with folk cultural activities like Gambhira performance, Jarri-Shaari music performance, village games competition like Lathi Khela, and more that disseminate messages for urban health and developments.

Celebrity Cricket Match

Cricket is a very popular sport for all ages in our country. Thus ICUH 2015 will organize a Celebrity Cricket Match with a perfect blend of entertainment and fun for carrying out the message for awareness and importance on Urban Health for all.