Conference Statement


The most important outcome would be the formation of “Dhaka Declaration” an outcome document of the conference which will used as an evidence based  advocacy tool to prioritize urban health perspective in all the global development agendas and across all the sustainable development goals and targets post 2015. The Declaration will be pursued to be included in the dialogues on Sustainable Development by the different platform and processes like United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform and others to incorporate urban health across all the goals of the SDGs. The document will emphasize on working together for ensuring political commitment for resource mobilization, capacity development and establishing a best example of urban health policies for developing countries.

The Declaration will be endorsed by the policy makers and thus will be made accountable for the implementation of the planned course of actions. The declaration will also build on to develop global, regional, national and local action plan to achieve the sustainable development goals and targets. The Declaration will relate to the relevance of addressing the urban development and health issues for achieving successful national economic and social development. The conference will see sharing of best practices for ensuring healthy urban life and also showcase the best urban health policies regionally and globally.

The Declaration will be developed through a participatory process characterized by inputs and dialogue by United Nations bodies, specialized intergovernmental agencies, academicians and civil society organizations from around the world. The preparatory process will include outlining  a draft of the declaration by the International Society for Urban Health and shared with all the relevant stakeholders for their valuable contribution.  All interested individuals and organizations can also contribute to the preparatory process through their inputs on the document during the conference. The Draft will be finalized during the ICUH 2015 conference and adapted in the last day of the conference on compiling all the feedbacks and comments.