City of Dreams – Child Art Competition

Art work, in particular paintings, can contribute in a significant way to inspire the society to embark on ambitious social development that can eventually encourage the people to think about urbanization. While they will start thinking there is possibility that they will start working on it proactively. It is evident that paintings can make revolution, can bring positive changes in the society through motivating people in a different but effective way with thoughtful views.

International Conference on Urban Health 2015 is set to organize a Children Art competition titled City of Dreams. The objective of this initiative is to encourage children to envision their city of dream and project it through the canvas. In particular, what they aspire to have or change in the city of their origin to embrace the urban life. This competition will inspire the thought full ideas of the participants and promote it through the conference for a broad and worthy experience for encouraging all to dream to have a healthy and sound urban life. The contest is open to children of 9-16 years of age.



Art work can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Charcoals, Pencils, Acrylic, Crayons, Paper Cuttings, Oil paints etc. on any type of Paper or Canvas Sheet.


  • Water Color Paintings
  • Oil Color Paintings
  • Pencil Sketching & Shading
  • Cartoon Making
  • Drawing  with Crayons/ Pastel
  • Acrylics Paintings

All painting must measure approximately eight and a half (8.5) inches by eleven (11) inches. Participants have to take a photograph with their mobile or camera and upload their drawings/paintings in the attached form. In case of difficulty in uploading fill up the attached form and e-mail the photograph at