Best CSR Activities for Urban Health

Corporate Social Responsibility is important because it can result in prominent societal and environmental changes that can lead to an overall development of the society. In order to promote equality and social justice CSR activities can be considered one of the vital instruments. Corporate Social Responsibility has gone mainstream; an increasing number of companies are realizing not only that CSR is their franchise to operate sustainability but also that their ability to establish trust with a new generation of consumers and citizens depends on how the company is perceived as an actor in the society. Sustainability is thus becoming a company’s core ingredients. Now more companies are demonstrating CSR through addressing social conditions for the betterment of the community. Particularly company’s corporate social responsibilities towards health and urban development are absolutely essential for a vibrant and prosperous society for long term. Considering the fact, International Conference on Urban Health 2015 is promoting the CSR Activities for Urban Health. In this competition companies, running program in the field of urban health and urban development under their CSR policy are eligible to partake.



The competition is open to all companies and organizations that engage in social responsibility. The Best CSR Activity Competition of International Conference on Urban Health 2015 is addressed to companies/organisations of all sizes and industries which consider to the greatest possible extent urban development issues in the process of value creation and operate profitably at the same time. Applicants in this category must have all developed a project addressing business and their social responsibility actions towards community, environment, workplace and marketplace activities. The applicant company / organization must have been engaged continuously CSR activities for more than two years. CSR or sustainability initiatives/programs entered for judging should be prevailing by the time of application.


A maximum of three collateral files may be uploaded as support documentation with each entry. The files may contain examples of: posters, brochures, screenshots of web pages, menus, published articles, white papers, photographs and links to video/photo sharing websites.

  • Uploaded documents must be in PDF format.
  • The combined size of uploaded PDF collateral files (maximum of three files), may not exceed 13 megabytes.
  • File names must contain name of the institution and the operational program (example: Dhaka_Community_College. pdf).
  • A maximum of 25 photographs may be submitted. Photos may be contained within uploaded .pdf files (web-quality resolution of approximately 72 dpi). Photos must be titled with name of the institution and the operational category submitting under.
  • Videos must be no longer than four minutes in length. All videos should be titled with name of the entrant institution and the program name.