isuh_logo2The International  Society  for  Urban  Health  (ISUH)  is  an  association  of  researchers, scholars,  professionals  and  community  members,  workers  and  activists  from  various disciplines, roles and areas of the world whose work is directly related to the health effects of urban environments and urbanization. Founded in 2002, ISUH has since grown to include a large and widespread international network of individuals dedicated to urban  health.    It  now  includes  over  200  annual  individual  members  from  over  20 countries. Membership opportunities are open to anyone who is interested in the health of urban populations and adheres to the by-laws.

ISUH organizes a bi-annual event International Conference on Urban Health, hosted by a selected member institution. International Conference on Urban Health provides an international forum for information-exchange among urban health stakeholders. The major  objective of the ICUH is to gather  scientists,  practitioners,  policy makers and community  organizations  across  disciplines  and  geographic  boundaries  (high and low-income settings), to exchange ideas and advance research and practice that promote the health of individuals who are in urban regions, including those individuals who belong to disadvantaged groups.   In addition, each conference often focuses on
a  particularly  relevant  theme  such  as  urban  migration,  but  continuity  must  be maintained by providing engagement with ongoing and more general issues such as urban  environmental  health.  Ultimately  every  conference  aims  to  promote  trans disciplinary and collaborative research, policy, and interventions, to foster international discussion of urban health issues, to build networks among individuals engaged in urban health, and to promote the understanding of the impact of urban areas on health and behavior.

The first ICUH was held in Toronto, Canada in 2002 and focused on inner-city health. From there, the conference moved to New York 2003 & 2010, Boston 2004, Amsterdam2006, Baltimore2007, Brazil 2011, Vancouver 2008, and Nairobi 2009. It is now the explicit aim of ISUH to host  the conference in  a different  global  city  every  other  year  in  order  to broaden the reach of the Urban Health Society and the impact of its efforts.